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Welp. Welp. WELP.
See, I decided to look up some more news about what is going on in Ferguson because things keep changing, news keeps coming.

And in my web of news articles, I find that one news outlet has interviewed some of the neighbors of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot killed murdered Mike Brown. 

So, I give you, this quote. Now, before who read this, I want you to think about WHO you would made this comment about. Of all the people in Ferguson. All of them. What person would you make this comment about.

[Image text: Another neighbor, Ron Gorski, told USA Today, “He’s a young guy Thins happen and it’s a complicated situation. I feel for the family and the entire country.]

Heh. See, this statement could be about Mike Brown. He was a young guy. Things happened (passive voice!) to him that were out of his control, racism dynamics and murder investigations are complicated, and expressing sympathy for his family and the country that has protested in solidarity is appropriate.

But, no. This was said about DARREN WILSON, but you know, “things happen” not “he made the decision to shoot a, by the way, younger man who know has a family going through worlds more pain.”

'Cause apparently some random neighbor needed to tell the news (x) how much an apologist he is and how fucking skewed the world view is. 

I wish I as better at articulating why this upsets me. It’s one dude. But I suspect the sentiment isn’t isolated, the skewed world view certainly isn’t isolated, and who the fuck refers to their neighbor killing somebody as “things happen?”

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